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How Did We Get Here? Part 1 Human Being's Divorce From Nature

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

How did we get here? This is the question I have continually asked myself over the past few years as I began to have my awakening to mankind's current health dilemmas. I started to see that humans are getting sick and dealing with serious diseases in great numbers. It became even more alarming when so many people close to me were dealing with health issues as well. It seemed like there was a much bigger issue plaguing our species than just poor diet and lack of exercise, although those are factors, something else was the driving force behind our decline. Looking around me, there were very few people thriving in terms of leading a healthy lifestyle and even the ones that were trying hard were still having issues with things such as brain fog, digestion, hormones, sleep and psychological disorders to name a few.

With so many people struggling with health problems I have had an insatiable appetite for answers. Already having a basic background of anatomy/physiology, exercise science, nutrition, functional mobility and body mechanics from receiving my Physical Therapist Assistant, PTA, degree and working as a licensed clinician. I began, and still continually, research and consume all the knowledge I can from leading experts, doctors and researchers in the health field to help me understand why so many are dealing with issues. I learned a more detailed understanding to nutrition and various diet protocols. Also, I researched the complexities of water, the various types available and understanding the best water to drink. As I started to dive deeper, I learned more about hormones, the microbiome, immune system, sleep, the brain, and nervous system, as well as biochemically individuality through genetics and epigenetics.

Then I started understanding more about environmental toxins such as herbicides and pesticides that are sprayed on our crops from chemicals called glyphosphate and atrazine. Also, heavy metals like lead, mercury, fluoride and aluminum and endocrine disruptors like xenoestrogens in our water supply as well as in common cleaning and skin/hair products. I plan on going into more detail about these things in future blog posts. There are also many more pollutants in our air, land and water coming from chemical and hazardous material that most know are a problem, but not to a great extent.

When my daughter, River, was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, DIPG, I was all in as far as trying to understand how this could happen to her. Especially, since my wife and I were trying our best to provide her with a healthy lifestyle. My father and I would research until exhaustion on ways to help treat her as there are very limited treatment options available due to lack of funding for research. In the end, River passed away 4 short months after diagnosis and it has been extremely challenging for my family and I. I plan on having a whole blog series on River's story and battle with DIPG in the future. Going forward, I have and continue to study substantially to further put the pieces together on why we are in this current health crisis today and what we can do about it in our personal lives as well as a collective.


Continuing to dig deeper, I started learning about biophysics and quantum mechanics where it is understood that the human body is really electromagnetic, in which we absorb and emit radiation from our environment. From here, the impact of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) came to my attention. I became aware that we are designed to be connected to our planet's native EMF in the form of sunlight and the magnetic field of Earth. The picture below gives a good visual of the electromagnetic spectrum as well as where technology and the sun fit in.

There are non-native electromagnetic fields (nnEMF) which are classified into extremely low frequency magnetic fields (ELF) and radio frequency radiation (RF). ELF sources come from the electrical power grid, appliances, power lines and artificial lighting. RF sources are radio towers, radar, cellphone towers, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, smart meters, etc. These types of man made frequencies are not normal in our natural environment and have not been around that long relative to our existence here on Earth.

Many health issues are caused by nnEMF, which ultimately impact the signaling and energy fluctuations inside the cell, but I will go into greater detail in future blog posts as well. There have been many studies performed showing the harmful effects of non ionizing radiation and you can search a large database of research at Take for instance, the 2018 NTP study that showed clear evidence of cancer in rats from 2G and 3G cellular signals. It's not just us humans that are effected by nnEMF, every living thing on this planet including animals, birds, insects, plants and trees. This study from the scientific journal, Nature showed the effects of nnEMF on insects and concluded, “The a general increase in absorbed radio-frequency power above 6 GHz. A shift of 10% of the incident power density to frequencies above 6 GHz would lead to an increase in absorbed power between 3–370%. This could lead to changes in insect behavior, physiology, and morphology over time…” These man made frequencies are disrupting the natural ecosystem of Earth and creating non linear effects, meaning tiny changes that lead to huge impacts over time.

Martin Pall, PhD, is a Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University. In this video, he explains the cellular effects of nnEMF on voltage gated calcium channels.

Circadian Rhythms

Also, I researched into circadian biology and how important it is to our health. Our bodies have a natural circadian rhythm, which is an internal clock that is entrained to a 24 hour cycle. It's purpose is to control the bodies sleep and wake cycle along with all other bodily function cascades. Some factors that control our circadian rhythms are light, movement and food. You can see below what an average normal rhythm looks like, although it varies for each person.

Disruption of circadian rhythm from artificial light is a big deal because it throws off the timing mechanisms in our cells leading to improper hormonal function and poor sleep, which fundamentally inhibits our ability to regenerate bad cells through autophagy and apoptosis. Humans are meant to live under the full spectrum light of that big ball of gas in the sky called the sun. We have created a foreign light source which is not full spectrum, this basically confuses our brains ability to tell time through our skin and eyes and we also manufactured essentially a second day time. When one consistently disrupts their circadian rhythm on a regular basis it causes a whole host of issues and even mimicking jet leg one would get traveling across time zones. You can learn more in this article, which goes into great detail about circadian rhythms.

The Engines Of Life

Then I became aware of why our extremely changed environment is such a big deal was because it is effecting the mitochondria in our cells. I will go into greater detail in another blog post on why this is so and how they are key to understanding if you want optimal health. In short, they are environmental sensors and responsible for all energy metabolism in our body. They respond to environmental inputs like EMF, food, water, toxins and exercise to name a few.

We have mitochondria in all of our cells, except red blood cells, which act like nano motors and when they are being stressed from an altered environment and poor lifestyle they can end up decreasing metabolic processes and break. This causes poor metabolism leading to decreased health, diseases and ultimately death as with no energy, the flow of life stops. The latest research done by researchers, like Dr. Doug Wallace at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, is showing that mitochondrial dysfunction is associated with the majority of health issues and chronic diseases humans are dealing with today. This journal article states, "Since the emergence of molecular biology and the discovery of pathogenic mitochondrial DNA defects in the 1980's, research advances have revealed a number of common human diseases which share an underlying pathogenesis involving mitochondrial dysfunction. Mitochondria undergo function-defining dynamic shape changes, communicate with each other, regulate gene expression within the nucleus, modulate synaptic transmission within the brain, release molecules that contribute to oncogenic transformation and trigger inflammatory responses systemically, and influence the regulation of complex physiological systems." Mitochondrial medicine will be the key to understanding many diseases better and developing proper treatment protocols.

Putting It All Together

After all this research and learning, I realized the world we know today was drastically different than it was 10, 50, 100 and definitely 1000+ years ago. I came to the conclusion that we were so far removed from our natural environment and we don't have a really good understanding how we are designed to live in nature. Think about all other creatures on this planet and realize we are the only ones that can and have radically changed our environment over our evolution as a species. We have an amazing quantum computer in our heads called a brain that allows us to do some very extraordinary things. Although, it also allows us to break all of nature's rules and live outside of its framework. Because of this there are consequences for our actions in the form of poor health, disease and ultimately a shorter life span. We are designed to be intertwined with the web that nature weaves, but our wants and desires have subtracted us from the Earth's natural environment and cycles.

Now I could see that effectively the big reason why we are dealing with such a major health crisis is our technological advancements, which are completely altering our environment and divorcing us from nature. I'm not a complete luddite, obviously there are many great things we can do with technology, like right now I'm reaching people through this blog and site. Mankind has had many amazing advancements with technology, but we didn't realize the problems we were creating at the time and continue to create. We need to understand that it's a double edged sword and be more cognizant of the potential health risks. The problem is there are not a lot of people aware, for reasons I will get into on other posts. Just think of how quick technology has progressed and continues to advance so rapidly, making it difficult for our biology to adapt. I'm an advocate for research into how to develop technology that is compatible with our biology.

"Look deep into nature, and then you will find everything better." -Albert Einstein

Dr. Jack Kruse is a neurosurgeon and self proclaimed mitochondriac. In this talk he gives a great overview of biophysics and the science of how we are tired to nature.

Technological Society

The first time we tampered with using the EMF spectrum for technological advancements was when Samuel Morse invented the telegraph in 1837 using electricity across wires to communicate messages. Just over 40 years later Thomas Edison invented the light bulb in 1879, giving way to the beginning of artificial light. Not too long after, Nikola Tesla and Westinghouse displayed the modern day AC power grid by lighting up the world's fair in Chicago in 1893. This paved the way for other technology like the radio, X-Rays and radar. Before this time, chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes where relatively non existent. Fast forward to modern day where our cellular communication networks went from 1G in the mid 1980's to 2G in the early 1990's progressing to 3G around 1998 and 4G in 2008.

Now, 5G is being implemented in major cities across the U.S. and the rest of the world. This 5th Generation cellular network (5G) uses millimeter waves that can range from 6GHz to 120GHz. This new technology is required for the coming Internet Of Things (IOT), which is all about connecting multiple devices and sending and receiving massive amounts of information quickly through the 5G spectrum. This will allow for things such as more in depth virtual reality, smart homes and self driving cars. This nnEMF spectrum doesn't travel as far as the current cellular networks nor penetrates objects like buildings well. Because of this, there needs to be multiple small cell towers all around the vicinity of the 5G service area. As one can gather, the radiation exposure will be very high to people and animals that are living around a 5G area.

The governing environmental health agencies in the U.S. like the FCC don't seem to be concerned about the potential risks as they are putting in little effort to study or test 5G for safety and are mainly focused on the monetary impact to the economy. Other countries in Europe and Russia are wanting more testing to prove it's safe before deploying it. The FCC states that 5G meets the required standards set in place by the agencies like the the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA. Although, it's concerning that the FCC hasn't reevaluated their EMF guidelines since 1996.

The growth of technology has progressed exponentially in our lifetime. Ten years ago, few people had smartphones, now everyone has them even young kids and the elderly. In the not to distant future we will become even more dependent and integrated with technology. As you can see, the use of electrical technology over the past 180 years is very short compared to our existence as a species over the past 200,000 or so years.

I believe developing safer technology can be possible, but when people are unaware of the health risks or the data is skewed buy corporations and governments it creates a major disconnect. Technology is often considered such great progress by society, but we don't realize the other side of the coin and how it is impacting our health. Its concerning that many people, even the leading doctors and health professionals seem to not understand why so many people are getting sick and struggling with health issues today. When you have the perspective that it's our environment that we created then things start to make sense.

This can be very overwhelming when one opens their eyes to the reality of the world we live in today, but it is where we are at and we need to accept it before we can move forward. We have a responsibility to ourselves and to the planet to be more mindful of technology as the progression continues to strive rapidly forward and we move closer to artificial intelligence (AI). This will bring upon a whole other dynamic to the equation and we are going to have some serious ethical and moral questions coming up shortly in our lifetime. Futurists like Ray Kurzweil, Google's Director of Engineering, believe that humanity is reaching a time of technological singularity rather soon. He predicts that this point of singularity will come by 2045. At that time, AI will become more intelligent than humans and technological advancements become uncontrollable leading to a completely different civilization. Whether this will be a utopia or catastrophic apocalypse is debated and time will tell how we move forward as a world collective.

Close your eyes and think of how a hunter gatherer society world function a few thousand years ago, now compare that to today and you realize our complete existence is so far removed from how we are designed to live in nature. Everything from the food we eat, water we drink, air we breathe, amount of proper movement/exercise we get and electromagnetic environment we are surrounded by are completely altered. The environment we are in now makes it extremely difficult to thrive like humans should and the majority are totally unaware of the impact it has on our health. Earth is becoming an extraterrestrial planet, which humans are no longer adapted to. It doesn't make sense to me that we have people like Elon Musk, who is very brilliant, attempting to colonize Mars when we haven't realized the full extent to what we are doing to ourselves here on Earth. We need to take care of our home planet first before we look at migrating to another, there is probably a good reason Mars is a dead planet and human life doesn't exist there.

As a society, we go from one box to another on a regular basis; our houses, to our cars, to buildings and schools, then back home again hardly being out in nature exposed to sunlight, fresh air and the earths magnetic field. Especially, in the winter when one is located in northern climates as people don't like the cold and enjoy being in the warmth of the indoors. When they do go outside, even on nice days most of the time their skin and eyes are covered with clothes and glasses. We are meant to deal with seasonal changes of our local environment, but no one follows the rules of nature anymore. Along with not getting outside as we should during the day, when we are inside we are surrounded by the nnEMF, in a temperature controlled environment, staring at screens while sitting on our butts with poor body mechanics. It has recently gotten much worse over the past 10-20 years with so much more readily available media through electronic communication devices such as TV's, computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. This is causing the average person to spend 90% of their time indoors. We are not meant to live this way and now we are paying the toll.

Along with the biological effects of our technological environment there are many psychological effects that we are dealing with now. There are many studies that show that nnEMF is causing many mental health issues as we can see with recent rise in depression, bipolar-ism and suicides. One study showed the ability of LED lighting to increase mental health issues through the suppression of melatonin, leading to poor sleep. Another study demonstrated an increase in suicide among electric utility workers due to increased exposure to nnEMF.

Also, social media is having a big impact on our psyche by manipulating our behavior, causing addiction and decreasing genuine interaction with one another. It's very easy to have arguments and bully someone through a computer screen rather than in person. People can act like someone they are completely not or portray themselves in a way they otherwise wouldn't in real life. We have more ways to communicate than any other point in the history of mankind, yet face to face communication is severely lacking. Majority of communication takes place via text, social media, and email. People don't even like talking on the phone to hear the other person's voice that much anymore. The upcoming generation is really being effected because this technology has been with them since they were born. It is having a negative impact on their social skills, causing difficulty with human interaction and restricting them to be able to function properly in society.

Social media does have its advantages by allowing global communication, organizing events, starting movements and giving people platforms that they wouldn't normally have. Going forward, I believe a decentralized social media program is ideal. One that isn't focused on marketing manipulation and controlling the flow of information, allowing true freedom of speech as well as security of personal data.

Ancestral Living

Now flash back to the image of the ancient hunter gatherer society in your head. How would their day look compared to ours? They would most likely awaken to the sunrise, not a buzzing alarm clock. Allowing them to get exposure on there eyes and skin fist thing upon waking and seeing the sun transition gradually, unlike the majority of people today who check their smartphone for social media, email and text notifications. Easing into the day would have been normal where one would contemplate, mediate and converse with family and tribe about the days tasks instead of rushing around getting ready for work and school.

"Nature is the source of all true knowledge. She has her own logic, her own laws, she has no effect without cause nor invention without necessity." -Leonardo da Vinci

Drinking water would be fresh and clean from a nearby spring that is naturally mineralized and structured by the earth. For meals, they would eat a seasonal diet of what was locally available. Protein source would be from what was hunted and caught in the wild with more fresh fruits and veggies in the spring and summer and more starches in the autumn to put on some weight to get ready for the winter. Fasting and shifting to a higher fat, ketotic diet would probably take place in the winter due to the cold and scarcity of food. Contrast this to today where we can get any type of food we went, when we want it and consume as much of it as we want, whatever time of the day we want.

Look at the amazing physical condition of Australian aboriginal hunter-gatherers. No gyms, no special diets or supplements, just humans living in accordance to nature.

During the day, men would go out into the wilderness focusing on hunting and other strenuous tasks that needed to be accomplished while the women would stay close to the village taking care of the children and tending to home requirements. The children would learn skills and knowledge in nature through movement and real world experiences. While performing the daily tasks, they would be actively engaging with the natural terrain and landscape of their environment. Periodically, they would run, sprint, crawl, jump, hang, swim, lift, push and pull objects. If rest was needed, they would relax in full squat or sit in many positions on the ground, a rock or a tree with good posture and musculature engaged not slouched in chairs/couches with poor body mechanics.  Also, they wouldn't be wearing much clothes and not wearing glasses, exposing themselves to the sun and allowing connection to the earth by being barefoot or wearing leather footwear. After the days work was accomplished, families would enjoy dinner together and finish the day by watching the sunset. After the sun went down, they would sit around a fire together most likely with the rest of the community sharing stories, wisdom from the elders and engaging in song and dance.

Unlike society today, where dinner is most of the time whatever is quick and easy while picking up on the way home from work. Families sit in front of TV's while they eat with little conversation then after dinner will most likely be engrossed with more technology, staring at artificially lit screens until they go to bed. While asleep, smartphones and other devices are most likely right by their heads on the night stand giving off radiation throughout the whole night. Conversely, our ancestors would sleep in shelters that were dark without artificial light and would be connected to the earth's magnetic field all night long, allowing for proper regeneration. Meanwhile, instead of learning from and helping our current elderly population, they are usually tucked away into nursing homes, assisted living, and become that grandpa or grandma one only sees around the holidays. As you can see, our daily lives are vastly different than that of our ancestors. I'm not advocating that we need to go back to such primitive ways, but we need to find balance between how we live in our modern technological age in accordance to nature. Biophysics and quantum mechanics are the branches of science that explain how we are entangled to nature, but the issue is it is a somewhat new field of study, can be a little difficult to understand and the majority of doctors and researchers do not learn in medical school. Although, just realize we are a part of nature and nature is a part of us.

What Can We Do?

After starting to understand our connection to nature, you can begin to see the potential problems with our current modern technological society. Now, you might be wondering what can we do to help mitigate the impact on ourselves and the environment? Without getting too detailed about all the strategies one could use for an optimized lifestyle, I will offer general guidelines that you can start implementing today to reconnect with nature and begin working towards improving your health. If you would like to go deeper and are looking for a more personalized program schedule a consultation. Here, we can discuss your situation and areas that you would like to improve in your life. We offer coaching packages that focus on complete mind, body and spirit optimization.

  • Do not check smart phone or other technology first thing upon waking.

  • Instead, go outside and see sunrise every morning exposing eyes with no glasses or contacts and limited clothes exposing skin as well for at least 3-5 min.

  • Get sun exposure on you skin daily (I'm going to have a blog post on how to use the sun safely and effectively for your skin type without worrying about burning or skin cancer).

  • Go barefoot often (safely) the further from the power grid the better (forest, beach etc.).

  • Get away from population dense areas and out in nature as often as possible to reduce harmful effects of nnEMF and re-calibrate your cells to the native EMF of the planet.

  • Go for hikes in the woods and swim in natural bodies of water.

  • Cold and heat therapy, ice water submersion and saunas (be smart and safe).

  • Limit technology use throughout the day, if need to be on for school/work take breaks often and go outside.

  • Utilize the Inverse Square Law, using distance as your friend around technology. The further away from devices you are, the less dangerous the effects are.

  • Use airplane mode on devices when not using or carrying on body, especially when sleeping.

  • Get rid of WiFi in your home and instead hard wire using Ethernet cable. Or at least put a timer on the router so that it shuts off while you're sleeping.

  • Eliminate Bluetooth signals, hard wire devices (or at least keep devices close to each other and away from your body to limit traveling distance of signal).

  • Use air tube headphones (You don’t want to have EMF radiation constantly close to your brain).

  • As we mentioned above, artificial light also falls into the nnEMF spectrum and there are many ways to mitigate the negative effects of it as well.

  • Blue blocking glasses from BLUblox, or Amazon has cheaper pairs that work well like UVEX and Spectra479.

  • Clear/yellowish pair for daytime screen use and amber/red pair for evening and night.

  • DriftTV to reduce blue light from TV.

  • When indoors under fake light, cover skin with clothes.

  • When inside, open windows to allow the sun in, as glass blocks full spectrum sunlight.

  • Use the app Iris on phones, tablets and computers.

  • Keep brightness on screens low, especially at night.

  • Instead of LED, CFL and fluorescent bulbs, replace with amber/red incandescent, red LED’s, or candle light.

  • Use electrical tape to cover LED lights in bedroom or just unplug devices.

  • Drink high quality spring water or purified through Reverse Osmosis (RO) that is remineralized.

  • Eat unprocessed organic food, grass-fed meat and wild caught fish that is seasonal to your local environment.

  • Move frequently throughout the day, incorporating more intense exercise efforts periodically.

  • Practice mindfulness and meditation.

  • Further educate yourself and those around you.

  • Become active in your local community and government. Call your representatives, expressing your concerns on the safety of cellular technology or other environmental issues.


In summary, we need to realize how we are connected to nature and how our modern society is causing disease and poor health. My goal is to dive deeper into all these concepts I mentioned here in future blog posts in hopes of helping people have a better understanding of why the health of humans and the rest of the planet is deteriorating. Along with providing actionable steps for improving health mentally, physically and spiritually. Even though it might seem like a daunting task, there are many things we can do to reconnect with nature once you understand her recipes. Going forward, mankind needs to understand the implications of divorcing nature and must strike a balance between our modern day living and find a way to integrate our natural environment.

The science has been established and new research continues to come out daily proving the problems associated with modern society and our disconnection from nature. The issue is there are not many people connecting the dots for a number of reasons, which I eluded to and will eventually explore more thoroughly. This might sound somewhat radical and crazy, but try to keep an open mind and dive into some research that challenges your beliefs and conventional dogma. I don't claim to be a complete expert on all this, my purpose is to help guide people to do their own due diligence with the right resources in order to find the answers for themselves to make the necessary adjustments in their own lives. We are devolving as a species and are at a pivotal time in history. We should all be concerned and want to take responsibility and action in order to honor our mind, body, spirit, God and nature.


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